The privacy of a suspect is anyway the privacy of a citizen

This is for Italian readers only – In a recent, gruesome murder case (the assassination of young Yara Gambirasio –> see the story), a suspect has been  identified after long investigations; however, once his name has been made known, although he was still a suspect, not even indicted, his name and picture, and even his relatives’ were immediately put on the front page of virtually every newspaper in Italy (web included). This was -irrespective of the fact that eventually he might be indicted, and/or convicted for the murder- a grave violation of his right of non-interference with his personal life and, what is graver, of his relatives’. The Italian Data Protection authority has condemned this very thoughtless behavior of the press. It was hard time! (see the communication –> here). Let me say that the right to a defense and a fair trial should be taken at least as seriously as the other rights set by the Convention Europèenne de Droit de l’Homme, including the right to a free information. In fact, the press must be the watchdog of power, not the hound of citizens, or we’ll be suddenly back to Judge Linch law.