ITL – International Trade Law – a reason to blog

Hello World!

The blog starting today has a clear manifesto: sharing thoughts and (hopefully) useful tips in matter of International trade law, with a focus on technology and the Internet. Is this a novelty on the web? Yes, of course, nothing of this kind has ever been made before and, No, of course, there is plenty of information about new tech and the law around the web.

So why on earth should you read this specific legal blog? For the same reason why I write it: contributing to the Zeitgeist, sharing thoughts with potential readers (…an entire world of potential readers… amazing and ghastly) and collecting the tiles to compose new legal solutions.

The blog will be centered on Italy, admittedly. This is quite self-explanatory, since I am an Italian lawyer; I will endeavour to keep it in English, but many contributions you’ll find here around will be in Italian or French of, rarely, German.

Now let’s start.