The Ozone hole is shrinking!

The Ozone hole is really shrinking!  In times of daily bad news on almost everything it is definitely a piece of real GOOD NEWS!

Some history: in february 2013 the European Space Agency released a report that was commented positively by scientific blogs as –> observations from late 2012 were showing a progressive shrinking of the ozone hole, as a result of the chlorine gas restrictions established by the Montreal protocol in 1987. However, later that year, some NASA experts seemed to hold differently. They argued that, though the “hole” was in fact shrinking, there was no real evidence that (1) this was due ti the CFC reduction and (2) the ozone layer was not simply “redistributing itself” this partially covering the hole (–> here). It is not easy to quickly grasp the reason of such opinion from the official NASA ozone watch website (–>here), and I leave to better meteorologists than me to explain it. In any case, the rejoice was postponed…

Now, on July 1st the United Nation Environment Programme released a report that clearly and most officially states that the depletion of the Ozone layer has stopped, and full recovery will occur by 2050 or so (official doc. –>here, and UNEP website –> here)! As I’m not a fan of the conspiracy theory, “I want to believe” that finally some good news has come out and, you know, I’m so glad it has nothing to do with religious beliefs, conflicting food-related taboos or exoteric stuff. Just plain, good, old-fashioned, galilean SCIENCE!.

The piece of news was re-bounced today by Italian newspapers (see –> here). I truly hope it will spread at least as quickly as the news about financial disasters. (you may say/ I’m a dreamer…)