Italian judicial geography changes.

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D.Lgs. 19 febbraio 2014, n. 14 published on 27 February 2014 enacts a deep change in Italian judicial geography, reducing dramatically the number of Courts in ordinary. The spirit of this reform is drastically simplifying in order to (surprise, surprise) reduce costs for the administration. Contrariwise, it “takes the risk” (read: it introduces the fact) of an increase of costs for the citizen in accessing justice. Less tribunals means more workload for the existing ones (that are already undersized), and more physical distance between the citizen an his judge in civil cases; this results immediately in an increase of transportation costs for all notifications and services. There is room to believe that we’re facing a new way to socialization of losses. In fact it is hard to believe that the amount in budget reduction (let’s call it “budget savings”) will be higher than the sum of the increase of costs of justice for the  general public (the “public losses”). The global result will then reasonably be “less service for same money” or even “less service for more money”, if you consider the cost for the citizen.

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