“Senza Fili, Senza Confini”: broadband with broader views

The “Senza Fili, Senza Confini” initiative, whose name in English would read, more or less, “Wireless, Borderless” is a spin-off of an experiment made by Politecnico di Torino professor Daniele Trinchero, intended to bring WIFI broadband in rural areas using low cost technologies. The experiment, that dates back to late 2014, was conducted in Verrua Savoia (Turin) and proved a big success, as it demonstrated how broadband can be delivered to white areas without the need for very large investments, provided that a no-profit structure is maintained. Now, the association –> senzafilisenzaconfini.it is making an attempt to enlarge the scope of its activity from rural Piedmont to a larger audience in Italy and, possibly, over the Border. An interesting article to this respect was published today by Repubblica (–> here).